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By: Don Wells

Whether you’re an independent operator or manage a medium or large fleet in Canada, you experience the same dilemma: How do you protect your vehicles from extensive corrosion damage? How do you get the best return on your investment and reduce costly repairs?
Traditional de-icing agents such as calcium chloride or sodium chlorides were difficult to deal with to prevent pre-mature corrosion damage and costly, time-consuming repairs. Now, a new and even more aggressive enemy has arrived – Magnesium Chloride. More and more municipalities and highway ministries are applying magnesium chloride in place of calcium chloride, specifically in the Eastern Snow Belt area of Canada. Tests have demonstrated that magnesium chloride does have a number of advantages as a de-icing agent. It is more effective as temperatures dip below freezing levels, can be applied before a snow storm arrives, and causes less damage to the road concrete.

The bad news, magnesium is more damaging to vehicles, causing corrosion damage to aluminum, stainless and traditional steel compositions. In some cases exposed wiring harness requires replacement only after a year or two of exposure. This affects fleet operators, transit authorities, or private vehicle owners.

Why is magnesium chloride so different from other de-icing agents? Unlike other de-icing agents, magnesium chloride has the ability to bind to metals making it difficult to remove. This accelerates the rusting process. While other de-icing agents also cause rust, they can be easily removed by proper & regular cleaning of the vehicle and its under-carriage.

Corrosion Controls Coatings Ltd has been serving our customers for over 25 years in extending the life of their equipment through quality products and customer service. We have also been the exclusive Canadian distributor for Tectyl® since 1999; our customers have long recognized the “Tectyl®” brand along with its quality and cost effectiveness. Many Tectyl® products are made to meet Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications for transportation, transit and metal fabrication industries.

We have a time proven product line, detailed application procedures, and excellent technical service that help extend the life of your vehicles from corrosion. If you are an OEM, considering refurbishing your fleet, or require a scheduled maintenance program for your vehicles, we can help! Contact Don Wells, Vice President of Sales at 1-800-934-7771, or e-mail

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